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Upcoming talks!


I'm pretty excited for the next two weeks. I'll be speaking at Open Web Camp on July 13th. Afterward, I'll be heading up to Portland for Refresh PDX on July 17th.

My talk description:

CSS can do all these amazing things now: Animations! Gradients! Transforms! Yet, it’s tricky to remember every vendor prefix and, blech, time consuming to do everything by hand. Let’s take a mad dash through CSS automation with Sass and other handy tools to automate ALL THE THINGS CSS (including those amazing things), traveling but one path to a faster, easier, and more reliable way to develop websites and web applications.

A few more details:

I'm going to talk about setting up Sass (look, it's easy!), setting up layouts (see, it's easy!), variables, mixins, extends, functions, as well as namespacing. Then use Sass to do the cool things: animations, gradients and transforms, showing how Sass makes adjustments easier. I'll include LiveReLoad so that the pages update automatically when I git up to a branch to demonstrate changes. I'll mention grunt (more so at Refresh PDX, since Dirk Ginader will be talking about grunt at OWC), too, for automating other tools, such as csscss to find duplicates. And Alfred for general workflow automation, not just CSS stuff.

I'm also going to bounce a lot.

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