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No, this wouldn't be aiding any illegal activity, would it?


Spam is annoying. Receiving the same spam 12 times is more annoying. Receiving offers for work that, well, could pretty much be used only to for nefarious purposes? What's the purpose?

This one keeps arriving. I find it completely annoying, in as much as it keeps arriving. Filters FTW, but come on. F'ing spammers.

You need to submit your resume for this?

We are now hiring for a Logistic specialist. If you are responsible, active, easy-going person, looking for a great job opportunity with a stable income, this job will suit you.

About company:
We are a business unit delivering services to European customers. We are a global brand and the world's third largest logistic company. We present virtual addresses for customers from Europe and Asia.

-Constant access to the Internet;
-Possibility in making the photos of the packages;
-Flexible shipping options;
-Readiness working in one team;

-Stay at workplace (home address) from 9 am till 5 pm;
-Receive packages during the working hours;
-Inform your coordinating manager with the photos of received packages;
-Print the shipping label;
-Place the shipping label on the package;
-Deliver parcels to the FedEx facility;
-Report your coordinative manager with the receipt

Your salary will be 1500$ per month (Base Salary), plus 20$ for each parcel you have received (Parcel's Payment). You will get paid Base Salary monthly starting of the day you sign a contract. Parcel's Payment will be paid biweekly.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit your resume by e-mail

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