Assumptions challenged


As a kid, I had some pretty strange notions about what being an adult was like.

When I was 11 or so, I came across my mom crying on the bottom of the staircase she had just fallen down, and asked her why she was crying. After she told me, I let her know she wasn't supposed to be crying. Surprised, she asked why not. "Adults don't cry."

Oh, little Kitty (for then, I was still Kitty and not the delightful Kitt you know and love today), if only you knew just how wrong you were by that thought.

And, yet, these days, I find myself in continual surprise at having nearly all of my assumptions about other people constantly challenged.

For some reason, I assume anyone who works in my industry knows more than I do about *pick any topic THEY KNOW MORE THAN I DO.* And this just isn't the case. That PHP developer I admire doesn't know crap about CSS or even where to begin styling a page. That Web Entrepreneur™ couldn't set up a server if his life depended on it. That project manager, oh, well, him. We all know he doesn't know shit. He demonstrates that every time he opens his mouth, just listen to him. No, not that PM. That one's good. He listens. The other one.

And I assume any woman older than I am cooks an amazing meal EACH AND EVERY TIME. I mean, come on, did my mom ever mess up a meal? Of course not. (Of course she did. She's human last I checked.) I know how to cook, I do a great job at baking. I love baking. So, of course, every other person in the world enjoys it as much as I do, and is as good at it as I am. NO, THEY ARE ALL BETTER!


Aaaaaaaaaaaand another "Of course not."

Of course not.

And yet, I am surprised when I realize this.

Every time I am surprised by this.

And delighted.

That whole impostor syndrome thing? It goes away when you objectively look at what you do. It goes away when you see what you can do. And not only in relation to how well someone else can do, but in a "You know what? I actually do this well. I enjoy doing this, and I do it well." sort of way. It goes away when you see your own accomplishments, challenge your assumptions about everything, and see the world with better clarity.

Best part of all of this?

Being able to say not only, "I don't know, and that's okay. Can you teach me?" but also, "I do know. Let me share with you."


Please, please remember this. One of us has to. I choose you.

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