Chrome can't cut and paste without breaking things


"Copying and pasting requires the free Google Drive web app. This lets us access your clipboard so you can cut, copy and paste."

Because THE BROWSER can't? I find this stunning, as even Netscape 1.0 had the ability to cut and paste and it worked *just* *fine.*

Here, let me highlight the text I want to copy, oh, and LOOK! Flower-c works! Hey, I copied it!

WHY I selected the secondary mouse key and thought selecting "Copy URL" was a good thing, I have no idea.


The webapp is telling you that it can't trigger a copy/paste operation from HTML because the browser security model doesn't permit direct access to the clipboard. Cmd-C happens at the Chrome (app) level so clipboard access is allowed. The Drive chrome app provides an API for HTML to access the clipboard.

google subverts browser copy/paste because they want access to your clipboard so they can mine that data.

Right click, copy/paste works on every other page, because they don't try to subvert it with javascript.

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