Road to Chocopocalypse


Today marks the first day of Lent, which means it starts the first day of the Road to Chocopocalypse, the day of delicious gorging on chocolate, all chocolate, and only chocolate. In past years, chocolate and I have just about tied with who defeated whom, with chocolate scoring the most recent victory. With the discovery of The Meadows in Portland, this year's Chocopocalypse promises to be amazing. The chocolate selection there is incredible. I am looking forward to the gorging.

In addition to giving up chocolate for Lent (yeah, yeah, still not religious), I have chosen to give up not doing something, also. In particular, I'm giving up not working quickly. The idea of giving up not doing something for Lent was suggested by a fellow member of a private slack channel, an idea he had heard from a friend. Said friend had given up not going to parties, thereby going to social events during Lent. I really like this idea, so, giving up not working quickly.

Imagine me, a work demon avoiding chocolate!

Ask me again in 47 days how it went.

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