Flight deals


Paul asked, "Quick travel question for you - do you have any suggestions to find deals on international flights?"

My answers for finding good international travel deals:

Hipmunk: I like hipmunk's interface for the Agony search filter, as well as the display of flight times in a line chart for easier comparison of flight durations, departure times, and landing times.

I mentioned Kayak to him, mostly out of default, since I used to use the site a lot before Hipmunk.

Now the one I really like is The Flight Deal, which is also on twitter at @theflightdeal. There's a companion account at @FareDealAlert, since the Flight Deal is for good flights out of specific airports, and the Fare Deal is out of other airports.

Both of these sites reference details you can find on http://matrix.itasoftware.com/, a site recently purchased by Google, and is the consumer interface for the system travel agents used to use. THIS is the site for finding flights, if you don't have a very specific journey in mind. That's the one I really like.

So, there are my suggestions.

With summer break coming up, I feel I best arrange my travel plans soon, in order to visit Paul, before he and his family high-tail it out to destinations far and wide.


I agree heartily - except you're running out of time, dingbat!

I appreciate the recommendations, and while several of them were interesting, Kayak eventually paid off (which is the site I use by default anyways). Popped up out of the blue with a rate hundreds of dollars below what the going rate had been for a while (unless you count the Russian airline that would route us through Moscow and then back to Europe).

Thanks again for your help! How about flying to Los Angeles in late June while I'm in Irvine for a conference? You can work all day, I can try to stay awake in the conference all day, and we'll hang out in the evening?

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