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Errands on Kona Day 3


Man, today was a day of errands. After Java on the Rocks, we lounged for only a short bit, then started in on all the tasks we had to do for the condo. We left the condo around 10:30 and shopped until nearly 3, including lunch, and really, that is so way not my thing, random shopping. This, however, was focused shopping, and I didn't have the correct shoes on, and my back was killing me. As you can tell by that run-on sentence.

One of the highlights of the day, however, was going into the new/used bookstore that is near the natural foods store, where Mom and I have taken to purchasing lunch at the deli. Mom said it was a good bookstore. I mean, just LOOK at this door and inside:

Isn't this just HEAVEN?

The thing about bookstores, though, is that they can be enormous, have lots of books, and you can still not find anything you'd like to read. Those bookstores aren't so great.

I was struggling to find any books I wanted to read, the ones in the SF/Fantasy section seemed to be about 5-6 years out of date. Mom found me a book, so I wasn't leaving empty-handed.

On a whim, I wanted over to the martial arts section and found not one but TWO copies of a book I had been seeking for about two decades.

So, yeah, win!

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