Rant of the moment: three f---ing dollars


A reviewer on the app store gave an app a 3 star review with this commentary:

This app is kind of a disappointment. There is no demo version to try it first, which is sketchy for an app that costs so much (even when it’s on sale). I thought it would be able to do more but it seems kind of limited. If it wasn’t three dollars on sale and five dollars regularly, I wouldn’t be so disappointed.

The app costs three dollars.


Less than the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee.

Three dollars.

I am stunningly disappointed in this review. No, that rather doesn't accurately reflect my full and complete annoyance at this guy. How much do I want to find the guy and say, "You're using likely a $500 phone, paying likely $50+ a month for the privilege of using said phone, and you're complaining about paying three fucking dollars for an app? Please, go find a clue stick and smash it on your head multiple times until it does something effective. Please."

Three dollars.


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