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Comfort food


I went to a paper store today. The last couple weeks have been rough for me, for various reasons including upcoming, somewhat uncomfortable changes. While I would like to say I'm dealing with everything well, I'm not. Upside: learning opportunity! Chance to take care of myself! Something to laugh about years later! Adventure!


All that.

Perhaps unsurprising to anyone including myself, on a whim this afternoon I went to a paper store. I did my usual walk around the entire store to get a feel for things, before going back to pick up an item or two that caught my eye. Good paper stores are just delightful for me. I use paper stores as one of the five items to check out in a new town to rate the town's quality (the others being chocolate stores, tea shops, and book stores, which a bonus of cupcake stores). This one was a recent discovery, small and well stocked.

I bought a number of comfort items:

The socks completely crack me up. I mean, walking around with "f--- this shit." around your ankles? Priceless!

The journals, yeah, well, the journals are lovely. The bigger one has a stitched binding. While the line spacing is bigger than I like, I do like the journal itself. I am thinking about commissioning some notebooks for myself, have a couple hundred printed and bound just for me, just the way I like it. For now, the larger journal is available. The smaller journal is a Paper Thinks journal. It's a new brand for me. I have a smaller one, of the same goldenrod yellow colour. I like it a lot, so thought I'd try the larger one, too.

The green Chiyogami paper just made me smile when I picked it up. I really love the pattern and the feel of the paper. The page itself isn't large enough to be of much use for me other than an insert that makes me smile when I see it, or maybe a ribbon on a notebook. It's lovely.

And the color origami Tant squares. They are in shades of yellow. I'm going to use them for cranes when I head to Orange county. I'm not sure the grandparents are really going to appreciate the yellow cranes. I'm hoping they won't mind my folding them during quiet times, as a way to settle myself, and comfort myself a bit.

So, that was my journey to the paper store. I like my growing collection of notebooks and books. Each one notebook is an invitation to write a story. Each book is an invitation to read a story.

I'm glad for the comfort.


Better socks than panties, I suppose.

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