A bone.


Thank you, world, for throwing me a bone.

My drink of choice at Starbucks is a short chai latte soy no water extra hot, rattled off in just that way: shortchailattesoynowaterextrahot.

That "extra hot" part means that is it usually still more than luke warm when I arrive at my destination.

That "extra hot" part also means that I am usually handed my single drink with two cups, so that I don't burn myself.

When the barista called out this morning, "two short chai lattes for Kitt," I was confused. I ordered one. I paid for one. She was handing me two.

Turns out, she saw the two cups, didn't realize the "XH" meant extra hot, and made me two. I asked if I should take them both, she said yes, otherwise the second one would just be tossed.

Okay then. Thank you, barista, for your confusion, and the world for throwing me a bone.

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