Oh, Wow!


Matthew took us to Guardian Games for this evening's conference entertainment. I had no idea what to expect, though, approaching the store to see this:

... I have to say, my hopes were up!

And then I walked in.

I walked into Guardian Games, and I heard celestial music. I saw the clouds part and the fucking light shine through into this building and I knew, I KNEW, I had landed somewhere close to heaven. I mean, just LOOK!


I would bet you a million dollars in that stack is a game Andy and I could play at the same time, against each other even, and not get pissed at each other. Maybe even two of them.

I would win that bet.

I was in awe and overwhelmed with delight.

Guardian Games also has many spaces for playing games, tables set up in several distinct locations. Given how many chairs and small tables tucked into various places, I have to believe the place is packed full of board and card gamers frequently.

Talk about a gamer's delight!

One of the sections that impressed me the most was the used games section.

Sometimes, a game just doesn't work out. You don't like it for whatever reason: the design sucks, the play is slow, the game takes forever, or the thing reminds you of playing Diplomacy for days in college, hey, now you have a place where you can take it and just remove it from your life. Hot damn! Magic!

I love that Portland is ac city where a place like Guardian Games can survive and thrive. I hope for more of these.

Oliphest 2016 event two: a success!

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