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Oliphest 2016 continues!


Next up for our hallway-conversations-only, all-inclusive Oliphest conference was, of course, RAMEN!

I had been to this particular ramen shop before, when Matthew and Kristin were doing their Ramen Show podcast episode here. I recall being puzzled at the menu. I was puzzled again today. These things happen. I'm used to Ryowa's menu: point to a picture, receive a bowl of delicious soup. It worked out, though. I managed to order.

This event was small, but we were able to add Kristin and John to our list of attendees. Good thing, too. Kristin has her interpretive dance tomorrow morning at 4:00 am. I needed to get the scoop on the details.

I couldn't, however, squeeze everyone in the picture, except by, well, you know, actually moving, so I took two shots instead. John showed up when we were half finished, and managed to order, receive his food, and catch up.

The food was, unsurprisingly, ramen. The food was also, unsurprisingly, delicious:

Event three of Oliphest is a success!

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