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Consolation Cookie


Yes, that's right, I am right now having a consolation cookie. It looks like this:

I successfully managed, once again, to damage my car in a completely random way, all without doing any damage to any other vehicle, person, or property. While I want to say that I'm so frustrated with this, the reality is, I've done it before, and it's not like I don't already know what my luck is like. This time, it wasn't a tree, it was a f'ing curb. This time, I wasn't in a bad mood, quite the contrary, I had just finished dinner with Mo and Benny Lava and was all set to spend time relaxing in a forest.

Upside, Mo was around to help me shove the parts back together well enough to drive on surface streets.

Downside, fixing my car AGAIN was really not something I was planning on spending money on this year.

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