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Pick Up By Chance


“I was by no means the only reader of books on board the Neversink. Several other sailors were diligent readers, though their studies did not lie in the way of belles-lettres. Their favourite authors were such as you may find at the book-stalls around Fulton Market; they were slightly physiological in their nature. My book experiences on board of the frigate proved an example of a fact which every book-lover must have experienced before me, namely, that though public libraries have an imposing air, and doubtless contain invaluable volumes, yet, somehow, the books that prove most agreeable, grateful, and companionable, are those we pick up by chance here and there; those which seem put into our hands by Providence; those which pretend to little, but abound in much.”

Herman Melville

Finished reading the most recent book I had started. Still have a number of started books to go. Having bookshelves is wonderful for looking at books, stumbling across the one I bought years ago, and deciding now is the time to read it. I don't have those kinds of moments as much with ebooks. I can't browse a friend's stack of books read or to-be-read. I can't skim titles, look at covers, be excited that now is the time to read this one particular book. Now, I actually have a giant list of books to read and consult it and my ebook library, before starting. I can't say I like this change, because I actively don't.

People hand me books to read, and very rarely am I able to fit it immediately into my reading stack and return said borrowed book quickly. Sometimes I can, but those times are rare, and usually only for amazing books.

So, yeah, next book to read. I'm unsure which one it'll be. With the simplifying of my life happening now, I suspect I'll figure it out soon enough.

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