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Update: My current, updated scale is on a separate Book Reviews Scale page.

I'm thinking of a new scale for my book reviews. I don't like the idea of a stars rating system, as stars depend on my mood and how much I don't want to do grade inflation on any given day. Which is to say, very very few books would get five stars, and I wouldn't be able to finish a one star book, leaving me with two to four stars, and eh, maybe another rating system would be better.

I'm thinking of a rating system with better descriptions. Something like:

burn Burn any copy you find of this book, it is horrific.
mock This book is awful. Don't read this book and mock anyone you see reading this book.
don't Don't read this book.
desert If you're on a desert island and are bored out of your mind, this book is okay to read.
fan If you're a fan of this author / genre, this book is worth reading.
worth This book is worth reading.
amazing OMG, this book is amazing and/or life-changing, let me buy you a copy.

I have a few amazing books, ones that I recommend frequently and read over and over again. I have a large number of books that I just... can't... finish.... Very few, however, have I actively given up on. I've put down I think 2 books ever. Helps to be able to read around 500 words a minute when I really don't care about the content of a book beyond the basic plot / ideas. Still, recognizing that some books suck and aren't worth the time and ARE worth putting down is an important lesson to learn.

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