What is Interesting to Me


I took the boys out for an evening last night. Jonathan said he wanted to have a break, go be by himself for an evening. As an introvert, I totally understood this need, and said I would spend the evening with the boys.

We went for a walk to a couple parks. They burned off some energy, which was great. I tried to help H do a flip off the bars by holding up his arms as he swung backwards, but I lacked the strength to actually support his weight and he sorta flopped onto the ground. Fortunately, that kid is agile enough to land like a cat, and no harm was done.

The evening didn't end well, as L became Mr. Grumpy Pants, and basically sat down, refusing to move until his dad returned.

Mr. GrumpyPants

What is interesting to me is that his dad's alone time was actually meet-up-with-Grace-for-an-evening time. Were they fucking? Possibly. Likely. I don't know.

I found out only because Grace posted a picture of herself in London with a London baseball cap on Instagram today. The story is, "I paid for Grace's kid's school, and they were celebrating with a trip to London." To which I asked, "if you were paying for her schooling, why didn't they use this trip money to pay off school?" I mean, Jonathan gives Grace $2000 and she spends $5000 for the three of them to fly to London? Doesn't make sense to me.

I don't want to talk to him today.

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