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Don't Work with Dana Hasten


So, apparently, Dana Hasten of Gilbert, Arizona, does some medical encoding and is a nurse practitioner.

Her phone number is 928-890-7887. She has two sons.

I recommend strongly that you not do business with this incredibly unprofessional woman. She might also be mentally unbalanced.

Yesterday, my brother threatened to kill me. Today, Dana threatened physical violence. I called the police to report the threat.

Here's the text she sent me today:

I have no respect for you. You have put your brother in a horrible place, both physically and mentally these past 24 hours. Don't tell me about your love for him EVER. He almost died last year. Where the f--k have you been the past 43 years? You have a fucked up definition of "family" and "love." Did you ever help, ask, teach, research, suggest anything related to his diabetes control? No?!! That is not love or being a supportive sister.

Now, I will tell you what I really think of you!!! You are pure evil and a bitch. You only show your arrogance in your text messages. You are not capable to take plain, helpful, possible life saving information from your loving, kind brother into your sick, twisted brain and be grateful for the information but had to negatively comment in front of his entire family and mine. My family was horrified. Your communication, both text and in person, is ALWAYS pure ego on your part. Nothing helpful has come out of this past communication except that Chris will no longer communicate with you.

In closing, if this were back 500 years, this would be a street fight. You would not survive. But alas, the question is, why waist any time on your arrogant, worthless, lesbian, bald headed, stupid ass?

P.S. I'm not against Lesbians. I like my c--t licked and sucked too. Your brother does an awesome job.

And images:

Related: my brother sent a link to a group chat that promoted hysteria. I responded by suggesting ceasing smoking and drinking, and exercising, would make your life better than carrying a gun, scouting for exits, and being paranoid. This text is a result. She might be unhinged. She clearly is unable to spell, spellcheck, or argue without many logic fallacies.

Again, I suggest you refrain from doing business with this woman.