Okay, I have a nominee for the most frustrating to use OSX application EVAR, the coveted MFTUOAE Award.

It is, drumroll please, the Kindle App for Mac.

Good lord, is this thing frustrating to use.

If you use the mouse to move forward a page, the app will forward two pages.

If you use the mouse to move backward a page, the app will move backward two pages.



If you want to highlight a passage, the app will move the book a page, forward or backward, neither direction is consistent.

If you do manage to select a section for highlighting, the selection will disappear when you move the cursor to the highlight section.

EVERYTHING about this app is frustrating with a mouse. I ended up using the trackpad on my laptop and the keyboard exclusively to track the sections of the books I wanted to highlight for a review.

I need to rethink my audiobook to ebook transfer process, this is so frustrating.

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