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Le Purrrrrrrrrrging


La purging? Could be.

I really don't know why I've kept a number of things. Take these three pieces of paper, for example. They are ice-breaker cards, questions to ask at dinner parties.

The questions on the cards:

1. What feature of your body best describes your personality?
2. Would you rather be remembered for your brains or your humor?
3. What cartoon character does the person across from you remind you of the most?
4. If you had the opportunity to be an astronaut and walk on the moon, would you take it?
5. Given a choice, would you choose a mountain view, lake view, or ocean view?
6. If a very dear friend asked you for a very big loan, what would you do?

Why do I have these? How long have I kept them? WHYYYYY have I kept them that long?

I have now thrown them out.

For the record:

1. My boobs, because they bounce.

2. Brains. Duh.

3. I wouldn't answer this question, because any answer would be misinterpreted.

4. Of course, fuck yes, why is this even a question?

5. Mountain, every time.

6. Very dear friend? Do my best to help said friend out with the loan. If I couldn't fill it, I'd ask around for more help.

Of note, DEescalation on these answers.


1. My eyes. Windows onto my curiosity. They also twinkle sometimes, maybe that says optimism?
2. Brains. (I do hope I’m appreciated for my sense of humor, though).
3. I would try to be complimentary, since this question is fraught with peril.
4. I’m flummoxed by the people who would answer no. Seriously, is this a question?
5. Mountains, obviously.
6. I would demure on loaning anyone money, but would try to find other meaningful ways to be helpful.

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