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So, I'm writing a book review for a book I read last summer (yes, yes, behind on my book reviews), and I came across a note I had made in the book that read, "Von Clausewitz." Not recalling who this person is, I searched for him and recalled he's a Prussian general and military theorist from the early 1800s. Oh boy, I thought, this'll be good. He wrote On War, which, along with The Art of War and The Book of Five Rings, is considered one of the classic military strategy books around. Not having read the book, I can't confirm this, I'm taking that statement off the Intarwebs, but I am interested enough in the book (working towards my 13 books non-fiction for the year), to look for it on Amazon.

And found a half dozen "this book sucks, it is incomplete!" versions of the book.

Okay, then, save myself that ninety-nine cents, and went to my library to see if the library had it. I searched for "On War" and a list of books came up.

A list I find interesting.

After the book, "War", there's Caliban's War, yep, science fiction, read it.

Next one was American War, yep, dystopian future, read it.

And then War and Peace. That one is a slog to read.

The Art of War, yep, still reading that one.

A few books later, The Forever War shows up. Yep, science fiction, read it.

Not done yet!

There's The Daylight War, also science fiction, also read.

The War of the Worlds. Yep.

And another few that, wow, I hadn't read. I didn't see Old Man's War, which surprised me.

What also surprised me is the number of books I've read with "War" in the title. The count is far from zero.

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