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Things I Wish I Liked


1. Coffee

Don't like it except as a flavoring in tiramisu, which is to say with lots of sugar and creme and cake.

2. Playing solo video games

Oh, the playing part can be flow-inducing, but I can't relax enough into them to enjoy the experience. I keep thinking, "I should be doing something productive."

Board games and group activities are awesome. I like those.

3. My Apple Watch

It is slightly too thick, and frustratingly inaccurate in so many things. When I'm standing for 2 hours at my desk, doesn't count the standing hours, I need to move. When I accidentally leave my phone in bike-workout mode and go play catch for half an hour, none of the 2000 steps I took in that half hour count as steps, so my step count is inaccurate. My heart rate is 140 when I'm sitting still and 68 when I'm running. Despite 51 minutes of exercise and 240% of caloric goal achieved and 14 hours standing, my 400 day all-rings-closed streak was broken because the watch said no, no reason given. I haven't missed a 15 workout day in two years, but haven't had a month workout achievement since last November. The watch is just wrong enough, just a computer enough, I don't like it.

4. Shopping for clothes

Not a fan. What I like to wear is comfortable and way not fashionable. Instead of being excited, I'm all awkward and uncomfortable.

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