My Next Portland Paper Adventures


Okay, there's a slack conversation going on about paper stores in Portland, and pursuant to my new city evaluation policy, I have taken a keen interest in the said conversation.

First up, we have Little Otsu, at 3225 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202. They might have had me at "independent publisher" and "notebooks," but really, I'm excited to visit their Portland store.

Next up, we have Oblation Papers, at 516 NW 12th Avenue in Portland, OR. I've been to this shop, and recall liking it. I'll be heading back on my next paper outing!

And then we have Ecru, at 1215 NW 11th Avenue, 518 SW Yamhill Street, AND 3139 SW Moody Avenue, Portland, OR. Win! Though why their site isn't SSL puzzles me.

The last is a mystery place, "new shop on the ground floor of the Fairhaired Dumbbell building on MLK, east side of Burnside."

Update: The mystery place is 11:11 Supply, which has a number of office products and productivity tools.

Unrelated and on my tour is Canoe, 1233 SW 10th Avenue, Portland, OR.

I think all of these shops use Shopify for their ecommerce shop, which delights me.

Am excite!