Christmas in Covid


In the back of the guest room closet, buried under the guest room bedding and unfinished house projects is a box I had left behind. I remembered the box yesterday and pulled it out. In it were two smaller boxes, later consolidated into one box, full of small goodies that were somewhat meaningful to me. I was delighted to find the box, the morning felt like Christmas in April, during lockdown, in a global pandemic.

I'd been lamenting I didn't have my tea mugs, so was delighted to find one in the box. I used it all day today.

And library book checkout cards? SQUEE! I had just completed card 20 yesterday! I needed a new one.

The two sake mugs? Well, I do have some tasty sake here, originally found on a food adventure in Peru with Jonathan, and a desire to drink some of said sake.

The seeds were a fun find, even though they are from 2016. They might sprout, they might not. I need to know I'll be in one place for 60 days before trying.

And the mouse? Who knew one could be so excited about a mouse from eight years ago?

I suspect I'm going to dump the rest of the box contents. I hate tossing items that still have life in them, but I'm good to say good-bye to them. Will feel nice to lighten the load.

These items, though? Keeping them.

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