Commence Emotional Control in 3... 2... 1...



My dad makes no sense to me. We started down another scream fest over Cheetoh's disinfectant comment "Yes, Dad, he said inject disinfectant into your lungs," when he said, "Trump is the best president in my lifetime!"

I hate these conversations. I hate them with every cell in my body.

So, I started listening.

"What makes him the best, Dad?" and didn't respond to anything he said (with one exception). Turns out, he became all riled up and started yelling about everything Trump had done "right." We disagree on "right," but I didn't interrupt. At the end of his rant, instead of my being upset, he was. He angrily said, "Okay, what has he done wrong?"

"Facts are not going to sway you, Dad. I can tell you that Obama increased the national debt in a recession, but Trump increased it even more during a hot economy, but you won't listen to facts, so I'm going to just listen. Thank you for sharing."

"But what did he do wrong?"

"Thank you for sharing, Dad."

He calmed down. We might have restored balance. The rest of the conversation was nice.

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