A Slog Too Early


We are day four into a Challenges challenge, and day four of my increased seriousness and dedication to my Vinson training, and I have to say, if I'm this mentally tired 4 days into a 579 day journey, that journey is going to be a long, hard slog.

The Challenges app is an iPhone app where, with an Apple watch, one closes various exercise related rings a number of times, gaining points along the way. The standing ring is a point for each time one stands for a minute per hour, for a maximum of 14 hours in a day. The exercise ring is 12 points per 30 minutes of exercise as registered by the Apple watch, for a maximum of 36 points per day. The movement ring is 12 points per two times one's weight in pounds, with the unit being calories (I weigh 130 pounds, so 260 calories burned with movement is once around for me). The challenge allows for up to 14 stand points, 36 exercise points (that's 90 minutes of Apple watch recorded exercise), and 36 movement points. Those last points are easy enough to make, I manage 300 in a day just typing, so you can imagine how many I have when I'm exercising for 90 minutes of Apple watch approved minutes.

Yesterday was easy enough, with a hike with Andy.

Today, not so much. If I don't exercise before 8:30am, the garage is too hot, and I need to wait until 7:30 pm before the evening is cool enough, and hooboy, is this messing up my sleep schedule, exercising until 9, 9:30 at night.

Still, managed to walk the 82 additional minutes at a 10% grade at 2.2 miles an hour for the 90 minutes. I'm four for four on the full exercise and movement points.

And I am tired. Today was a mental push to remember what I'm working towards, and the effort it'll take. Did I mention the slog part? It was a slog. I did not want to do any of my pushups, nor did I want to walk any of those incline steps.

But I did, and here we are, day four of five hundred seventy nine days of Vinson.

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