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This Will Do


I had, for much of May and June, been working on being able to pull up on the bar that hung in the office doorway. The consistency of trying every time I walked through the door meant that I was able, when standing under the bar, to reach up and pull myself up so that my chin was to the bar. I could do a pull up.

I was still working on a pull up from a dead hang, but had managed only about three centimeters of lifting from a full-weight, straight-arm hang. Standing under the bar and reaching up into a pull-up, I was going through maybe two-thirds of the range of arm motion.

Still, I was able to do a pull up.

Yes, that was another 2020 BINGO square crossed off. Yay!

Sadly, I don't have access to a bar hanging in the door I walk through most frequently these days. I miss being able to stretch on the bar, and try a pull up. So, on today's walk, I wandered to the local park, looking for bars I can wipe down, disinfect, and work on my pull-ups. I had six locations scouted out: four parks and two schools. I was most hopeful for the fourth park I was planning on trying, as it has the most extensive playground.

Turns out, I lucked out on the first park, the one closest to me.

This will do.

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