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Cold Shower, Day 2


Well, we (note the lack of capitalization, we are not royal) are on day two of "cold" showers and not much has changed.

I delayed jumping into shower this morning because reasons, but not by much, and by 7:30, I had the water on only cold, and was reversing back into the water.

Aaaaaaaand, again it wasn't cold.

I stood with my shoulders in the water for a bit. I slowly rotated the water onto my shoulder, my chest, my other shoulder, back onto my back.

I realized at this point, I had forgotten to start a timer.

Nothing to be done about that, except complete the full shower experience: my face into the water.

Yep, still tepid.

After counting to 100 in the water in my "oh my god that was the longest 10 second count" ultimate counting pace, I realized that the water was actually warming up. Even the cold water was starting to feel warm. Which is to say, my skin temperature may have lowered to the point where the water was feeling warm in some parts, but it was still mildly cold on my face.

I hopped out, mildly disappointed, mildly delighted at the ground water temperature around here.

Two days down, 28 to go.

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