Next Journal


Much to my disappointment, the journal that I have fallen in love with (Moleskine daily diary, large size, ripe yellow, which I ignore the dates in and use as a lined journal) has been discontinued by Moleskine, after running ALL OF ONE YEAR (good thing I bought two, which lasted me the whole year). Talk about teasing customers. Thanks, Moleskine. The 18 month daily is pretty darn great, too (lasting all of nine months with normal use), but some time around seven months, I'd start looking for another journal. The 12 month daily diary has just the right number of pages, though Moleskine FINALLY came out with a large size EXPANDED to 400 pages, which is also a great size, just the wrong color.

I am, however, near the end of my current notebook, I'll likely finish it up in about six weeks, which is about the right time to decide on the next journal. I'm breaking my usual streak and going EXTRA LARGE SIZE, and cracking myself up.

I mean, neon green extra large. Cracking me up.

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