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The Kris unexpected question of the day is (drumroll):

"Appalling is a word. Is appall?"

As I was sitting at the computer, I looked it up using my Alfred (which I adore!) shortcut "dict," as in "dict pall," and said, "Yes, pall is a word."

"No, appall, not pall."

"Oh. Okay. Yes. Appall is a word. "It doesn't take much to appall her.'"

A Middle English from the Old French apalir ‘grow pale’, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + palir ‘to pale’. The original sense was ‘grow pale’, later ‘make pale’, hence ‘horrify’ (late Middle English).

"Ah, so appall is a word."

"Yep, appall, appalled, appalling, appallingly, and appalls."


"Yep. She appalls her mother."

"Ah. Present tense."

That these Kris questions aren't their own section yet is appalling.

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