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My Normal Breakfast These Days


I've been doing an okay job at not eating sugar this last week. Not perfect, not great, but an okay job.

I'm also doing an okay job at a nominally Whole30 diet. Not perfect, not great, but also not bad. The lack of protein sources outside of eggs and animal flesh that is doing me in there. I really do not want to be eating cows and pigs and chickens for every meal.

I've been doing a FANTASTIC job at no alcohol, actually. Perfect, one would say. That one is still the easiest one to give up. Chocolate, not really. Alcohol, yup.

While I intended to start a Whole30 thirty days yesterday, and again today when I missed yesterday (having missed it in retrospect, not at the moment), now seems the best time to start actually. Rather than waiting until tomorrow morning to start, now is fine.

Best time to plant a tree and all that.

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