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Follow up Appointment


"The glue here has started to come off."

"You can peel them off. They need to be on only five to seven days."

"Oh! That's great!"

“When you do peel them off, put lotion on the incisions, to reduce the scars.”

“Why would I want to reduce the scars?”

“Uh... Most people do.”

“Knife fight with a robot!  Scars are cool!”

“You are a rare one!”

Went to follow up with surgeon today. This was supposed to be my only follow up appointment, but, well, interesting things happen in this body, let me tell you.

I was able to walk more easily than my previous appointment. My surgeon noticed and said he'd like to postpone the steroid shot until at least three weeks, if not six weeks out. I shouldn't have healed as fast as I did from the previous visit last Wednesday, but the progress is good. I suggested that I might have needed to know that I wasn't damaging myself by moving, it just f---ing hurt, and with that permission, I'm moving around more, helping things out. He agreed that moving and stretching are good, and more than just my forward-back stretches, include some side stretches.

After leaving, I was able to walk (carefully!) down the stairs, too! Whoo!

I was looking forward to the steroids, but what's good, what's bad, who knows. It'll be fine. I can't take big steps, I can't move quickly, and I cannot do pushups (yes, I tried, managed to hand walk out one two steps before "no no no no AHHHHHHHH" happened and I collapsed, so definitely no pushups yet), but I can walk somewhat. And I can mostly dress myself without screaming in pain.

To which we say, "Victoire!"

As for the scars on my stomach, there are so many things in this world to be worried about, scars on my stomach are so way not one of them. Chicks dig scars.

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