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Yep, Relief


Yuuuuuuuuup, not normal.

Went to see the surgeon today about these pains. Turns out, the pain is centralized where my internal suture is, indicating the suture is likely irritating a nerve ending. I have radiating shocks when I lift my leg, and these shocks support the hypothesis that the suture is firing this nerve.

As a temporary fix, my surgeon injected my leg with numbing stuff, which should last the day. He said go for a walk while the pain is low, it'll come back.

I can look forward to steroids around the suture/nerve next week. Given how much the steroids (corticosteroids, not anabolic steroids) helped Chase (he was doing pony twirls the first few days on them!), I am looking forward to them. Steroids aren't typically given before two weeks of recovery, so that the body has a chance to heal on its own. I'll have some earlier than two weeks, but close enough to the two week mark that the doctor is okay with administering them at my follow up.

Upside, my incisions look great! They are healing well. The doctor said that most people complain about the incision points for pain. I mentioned they don't hurt at all, and learned that a body will typically focus its attention on the worst pain, ignoring lesser pains until the worst one is resolved. Which is to say, yes, my incisions ache at level 1-2, I just don't notice them over the suture/nerve pains of 7-8.

The suture should dissolve in like six weeks, so this pain should also resolve in that time frame, reducing along the way.

Here's hoping for pony twirls!

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