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My fifth of n watercolors of Neko Harbour. The image below was taken with dried paint and natural, but shaded, light.

I was not patient with this version. I realized I was avoiding starting the painting, so dove right in with it tonight. I am doing a good job at reversing the avoiding-starting trend, as well at trying different techniques, which is the point of these paintings.

To start this one, I washed the whole paper down, which is to say, I wiped the whole paper with water, waited a short bit for the paper to soak in the water, then started painting. Once wetted, I didn't rewet the paper, so different pigment spreads happened as I worked. The foreground shore was definitely watercolor pigment spread; the middle water was definitely post-drying, as the sections lack texture and gradients. The far shore was angled wrong, and I clearly used the wrong initial laydown of color for the far glacier.

I like that I worked quickly with this painting, even if it didn't turn out "better" than others of this series.

I've heard that these paintings appear to be abstracts, as I am not capturing the scenery depth. I'd like to work on that. This is what the scene is from a slightly greater distance.

Watercolor on paper, 3" x 2"
Previous versions: Reference 1 2 3 4

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