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Inktober Day 3: Path


Hooboy, when I searched for "path" on my phone, you know, the latest 40000 pictures I've taken in the last 2 years, I had 1725 pictures identified as including paths. Of the 22 I was willing to try to paint today for Inktober, this is the one that Jonathan selected:

I don't have experience painting non-glaciated mountains. Nor do I have experience painting greens or trees or flowers or plants. But here we go!

This painting was a lesson in patience. I needed to walk away from the painting many times, to give it time to dry so that I could "cheat" and paint over the watercolors already on the paper.

The picture has a white glob on it that was a piece of dried paint that fell onto the painting before I took the picture. I look at this and see how I should have darkened the left side bushes, and added texture to the bush at the top of the path, and how I should have played with the light and dark, sun and shadows more, but I like it. If you squint a bit, it is a lovely painting. I'm pleased with it.

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