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Inktober Day 4: Dodge


Any idea how rare Dodge is as a mountain name? I didn't either before I started looking for a mountain called Dodge. I could find a lot of Mountain Dodge dealerships, but not a mountain named Dodge. Dodge Ridge is as close as I could come. Turns out, it is a ski resort. And pictures of ski resorts are usually maps of the ski resorts, or smiling happy people. They aren't usually pictures of the mountain.

A trimmed and edited version of what I found is what I used:

Turns out, Instagram wants vertical pictures in a 4:5 aspect ratio and will not allow the taller aspect ratios, because, of course the assholery of Facebook. Didn't figure that one out until I had posted a cut off inspiration image.

This image included a couple people in it. I wanted to include the people, and was 100% sure I wasn't going to be able to paint them well, as I don't have fine enough paint brushes to paint the itty bitty people on a 2" x 3.25" painting. So, for the first time, I used ink pens in this challenge. I wasn't able to convey the dynamic stance of the skiiers, but I believe I was able to convey some tension in them. They went from running speed in the inspiration photo to walking speed in my painting, but still moving.

And, because one always sees what she has done wrong after saying, "Done," I needed to add snow to the trees.

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