Covid Sucks, Slow Start


The thing that gets me about Covid is that 3-5 day incubation period between catching covid, and showing symptoms. Sure, Covid isn't a zombie virus that has a 28 day incubation period, which is good. I can only imagine how sucky we would be as a culture and society and race if Covid had a 28 day incubation period. We would have so many more deaths.

Anyway, friend caught covid. I had had dinner at his place last Tuesday evening, the day he was feeling off. At the end of dinner when we were all sitting around talking, as we often do, he commented he had a shooting pain up the back of his neck, similar to when he had Covid six weeks ago. "It's not Covid, I just had it," he said. "You can't build immunity to something that changes every month," I responded. I then left in a hurry, thinking flu, RSV, Covid, a cold, pick one, any one, they all suck. Two days later he was testing positive for Covid. I am sad for my friend. Covid sucks.

I mask in public by default, and avoid almost everyone these days, my few friends excepted, so isolating isn't difficult at least, if I am infectous. Yay for remote work.

I haven't tested positive so far this round. I have, however, been in bed or on the couch for 14+ hours a day for each of the last five days. Walking is about as much as I can manage, movement wise. I was going to start the 75 Hard challenge on February 1st. I skipped that. I don't know how much of this is psychosomatic and how much is shit-I-have-covid. See above: testing negative. Radical rest has been my default, though, this month so far.

Or maybe all this is just ennui, an attempt by my psyche to shift me over onto my path.

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