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Lines de Jonathan


There's a photographer that I follow on Tiktok (before you roll your eyes about the TIktok part, and trust me, I understand said eye-rolling - I mostly watch what Jonathan sends me, and flip briefly through my for-you page (FYP), but not much else. I'd rather someone else curated for me), who gives wonderful instructions on how to shoot good photos. I'm not a great photographer, but I can, according to Jonathan, find some good shots, and know to focus on people with the interesting background over their shoulders when offering to take photos of other tourists, and not have said tourists in 10% of the photo, and to use the rule of thirds, and write run-on sentences about my photography skills.

I'll try to find the actual tiktok, but the one I watched recently from said photoographer talks about how to pose and photograph someone standing casually. The photographer wants to draw the viewer's eyes along a line to the photo's visual focal point, regardless of the photo's subject being a landscape or a portrait. With people as the subject, the line can be harder to determine, but should still be there.

In this case, the pose was a casual lean against a door frame or wall, with the outside arm rotated and slightly back, and the line going from shoulder through hips to foot. I didn't quite manage the lines I wanted, but I didn't not manage the lines I wanted. The line is there, we just need to work more on the angle of the line.

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