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Wrong Tracks


Little did we know, we were standing at the wrong tracks.

We had walked over to the train station this morning, dragging our suitcases, clickity clickity clickity, and arrived with plenty of time to buy tickets and find the right tracks to be at for our train ride to Modena. I was very delighted that we had so much time to chill at the tracks. As the train departure time approached, though, there was no train on the tracks. WTF?

I looked around about 10 minutes before departure, no train, and heard a couple asking the information kiosk guy where the train to Modena was leaving from. He told them to go down the stairs, through the tunnel, and over the track 4. SHIT! The tracks had changed. Let's go, Jonathan!

We hurried across, and found our train, but oof, that rush was not what I would have preferred! But, made it!

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