Book Review Scale

The Kitt Scale of Book Ratings.

burn Burn any copy you find of this book, it is horrific.
mock This book is awful. Don't read this book and mock anyone you see reading this book.
don't Don't read this book.
desert If you're on a desert island and are bored out of your mind, this book is okay to read.
fan If you're a fan of this author / genre, this book is worth reading.
worth This book is interesting, fun, entertaining, and thus worth reading. I would hand this book to a friend who asked for a _____ type book.
strongly I strongly recommend this book
amazing OMG, this book is amazing and/or life-changing, let me buy you a copy.

2017-05-05 First postulated in a blog post.
2017-12-18 Updated to add "mock" state.
2017-12-18 Updated descriptions for clarity.
2018-01-30 Updated to add "strongly" state, between the lukewarm "worth" reading and "omg"
2018-02-19 Added adjectives to "worth" state.