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First Grave on the Right

Book Notes

I'm not sure why I purchased this book. I think I wanted more of the Anita Blake series, but Anita Blake from the first two books, not from the crap that came later in the third through whatever books. This one, The First Grave on the Right, seemed to fit the bill: female protagonist with supernatural powers (can't get more super than being the Grim Reaper) with a bit of mystery or crime drama and plot points. Yeah, sounded like it could work.

Imagine my disappointment when the book opens with a sex scene. I really thought I wouldn't get another vampire crappy erotica book.

Fortunately, this book wasn't all erotica, which was great. Wasn't any vampires either. Yay!

There was a lot of sass, and not the Sass kind, a bit of humour, a number of zinger one-liners, some mystery and an entertaining reader (since I listened to the audiobook). The sass became tiresome a few times, with the main character, Charley Davidson, coming across more as a spoiled, whiny brat than a functioning private investigator with the abilities of not-dying and talking with ghosts. There seemed little unfinished at the end of the book, no tantalizing question that would lure the reader to read another book in the series (and apparently it's an ongoing series, six books).

It was an amusing fast read. I'd say, play the book at 1.5 speed on the audiobook for best effect, and worth a discounted Kindle or Audible read.

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