World War Z

Book Notes

Having read Mira Grant's Feed Trilogy, er, Newsflesh trilogy, with Feed, Deadline and Blackout, I have to say, I'm enjoying zombie apocalypse books more than I expected to enjoy them. Those three are great, if you want a good zombie series. With the movie World War Z out, I thought, well, hey, let's read the book.

And to my surprise, I enjoyed the book, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War a lot. More than I was expecting to enjoy it.

The book is a collection of interviews, as told to a reporter who published them when he realized they wouldn't be included in a report about the zombie apocalypse. The interviews go from the first responders for patient zero, through denial and folly of what was happening, through the eventual figuring out how things work, to recovery. The writing style is quick and enjoyable, yet the interviews are in different voices, something often hard to do with a writing structure with many people speaking. I liked how the stories tied in, with some interviews referencing other interviewees and some interviewees reinterviewed years later.

For a quick zombie book, this one is great. Worth all the positive reviews it received.

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