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Alias Volume 3

Book Notes

As mentioned not ten minutes ago in the Alias Volume 2 review, I watched another episode of the Netflix Original Jessica Jones series, and followed it up with the comic original version. I followed up volume two with this volume, three. You're shocked, I know.

This one dove a bit farther into the Marvel Universe than I had read, involving a number of lesser-known (as in waaaaaaaaaay lesser known) super heros of the Marvel Universe, which makes the series and the backstory honestly that much more interesting (again, in the "I find this fascinating" sense, and not in the "I find this to be shit, but can't tell you" sense of oh-god-don't-hurt-anyone's-feelings bs going on these days).

This collection included the missing issue 10 of the original Alias series, which was okay, since the rest of the comics had more to do with the remaining plot than issues 11-15 in Volume 2. This particular story arc, again, involved finding a missing girl, though it's also full of misunderstandings and misinterpretations, which do a bit to further the plot.

The premise of the missing part of the plot is kinda gross, but life in and of itself is kinda gross, we just try very hard not to see the gross.

Again, I'm enjoying the series, as I am beginning to be drawn into the Netflix version. There's a Volume 4, which I don't have, and a second Pulse series that I'm now interesting in reading. Though, I could cheat and just read the wikipedia page.

I'll see what my budget for books is next month before deciding.


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