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Daring Greatly

Book Notes

After I had read The Power of Vulnerability, I knew immediately that I wanted to read this book by Brené Brown. Pretty much no way I wasn't going to read this one. And there are many overlaps between this book and the Power of Vulnerability. I knew that would be the case coming into the book. Unlike the previous book, which I listened to, I read this book, because I wanted to savor and ponder and stay with the words and thoughts, which is harder to do with audiobooks. That, and really, let's be honest, one can stand only so much El Jefé, before you want a dose of kindness.

Brown's writing is incredibly warm and welcoming. The book reads like a good friend sitting next to you, guiding you along the path to wholeheartedness. There are parts about building shame resilience. There are explanations about how we arrived here, and how we can survive a culture of scarcity.

What I liked most about the book is that while the explanations of shame, vulnerability, and wholeheartedness are great, the "here's how you get more of this into your life" parts are amazing. The book takes the research and turns it from a "that's nice" to a "here is how my world can change."

My plan is to buy a couple dozen copies of Daring Greatly to have available as gifts and help.

Highly, strongly recommend this book.

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