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Golden Son

Book Notes

Okay, this is book two of the Red Rising trilogy, and I have to ask myself again, "WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO FINISH THIS BOOK?"

I swear, Luke is probably like, "WTF, Kitt, finish the book already. There's book three to go, too!"

Hell, I'm thinking that now.

I am full of Wow at this point about this series. The blurb is all about Darrow's continued saga as a Red in, well, his rising. How much do I give away in this review? I mean, the title is "Golden Son," so how much am I really giving away with the fact that the kid is a man and a Gold at that?

What I really like about Brown's writing is the way wise words come out of a 20 year old's mouth. Doesn't really happen in real life, but does in fiction.

Anyway, I'm diving into the last book next. Highly recommend the series.

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