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Book Notes

I'm uncertain what it is about some of these books I've been reading recently, but they all seem to be blurring together. Not that the plots or characters are all the same, it's just they read with the same voice in my head and the same actors and actresses portraying different characters. It is a little bit disconcerting, to be honest.

Yeah, so, this book, the main character's life is completely falling apart just as she seems to be achieving her life's work. Her modern-stoic (versus the ancient definition of stoic) husband takes off with her two girls just before Christmas, leaving her to work over the Christmas break, and possibly leaving her, we aren't sure exactly what's going on because, well, that's the whole point of the book. Because it's on the back of the book, I don't feel I'm spoiling anything by saying, "She finds the phone from her childhood in her childhood bedroom, and discovers using it to call her husband dials her husband from 15 years ago, not her current day husband."

How... odd, and a clever premise for a book, for a story.

An opportunity for redemption.

An opportunity to make a different choice.

An opportunity to change a life.

Or is it?

So, yeah, it's a cute story. Given that it's similar to other stories I've read, I can't say that I'm all excited about it and bouncing to recommend it. I feel this is more because of the books I've already read and less because it's not a great book. It's a fun "I'm on vacation and need a nice story to read" book, but not a "buy it in hardcover and reread it in 10 years" book.

Unsurprising, to be honest, the basic premise of the book and the conflict of the story.

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