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Book Notes

After not finishing a book for three weeks, I'm happy to have finally finished one. Unsurprisingly, it's a fiction book, and doubly unsurprising in the sf/fantasy genre.

Neverwhere is one of the older Neil Gaiman stories, which makes me surprised I haven't read it yet. Though, really, upon thinking about it, not really that surprising. I suspect if I had realized it was the novelization of a BBC television show, I wouldn't have read it in the first place.

Which is good that I didn't know, as I somewhat enjoyed the tale of Richard Mayhew, and the mystery surrounding the appearance of Door on the sidewalk in front of Richard one evening. It's a cute storyline, though, in this case, I think I'm more inclined to recommend watching the series, it's not very long, over reading the book, which is also not very long. Things are lost in translation, with very few times the translated medium being better than the original.

So, yeah, watch the series instead, but read this if you enjoy Gaiman's works and really prefer words over a world pre-imagined for you.

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