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Mom's List! Mom's List!

Okay, yes, this book was on Mom's list. In reality, I needed a break from the books I've been reading. I wanted something light, and this book qualified. Having read Looking for Alaska and Will Grayson, Will Grayson, I knew what style to expect from John Green, and this book did not disappoint in my expectations.

Said expectations included high school or college aged kids, some sort of social awkwardness needed to be overcome, a main character who is a geek or geek-like outcast from the popular kids' social group, some internal growth, a revelation, a spurt of maturity, and a happy ending. Well, if not a happy ending, Green provides at least a satisfying closure. Essentially, everything wraps up cleanly.

And HEY, yes, this book fulfilled all these expectations!

We have Quentin, geek kid. We have Margo Roth Spiegelman, Quentin's love interest. We have the internal conflict of Margo. We have the external conflict of her disappearance. We have the journey to enlightenment, the revelation, and the happy-ish ending.

Which is to say, it was precisely what I needed: a light book to read in an evening for entertainment.

For the record, I refuse to ever read Green's The Fault in Our Stars. Not going to read it. Nope. No.

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