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Okay, the sixth book in the Harry Hole series, and the ninth one I read, since I read them out of order.

And despite reading them out of order, I didn't recall one particular aspect of the books that I probably should have, about a couple characters in the series. I kept thinking, oh, this is fine, it'll all work out. Except this is a Harry Hole series, so OF COURSE it doesn't work out.

This particular book had enough twists and turns and vague language when reading that wow, I'm pretty sure I guessed wrong at least 12 times on "who did it." While part of that is the joy of allowing the author to reveal the plot and characters and motivations and mysteries at his own pace, which means deliberately not thinking things through too hard, I have to say that even if I had thought about it through, I likely would have still guessed wrong.

This might be one of my favorite Harry Hole books, if only for that reason. Which is saying something, as Nesbø is pretty good at twists and turns in all his books.

Yeah, again, if you can stand the gore and horrible things people might do to each other, the series is recommended.

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