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A Short Guide to a Happy LIfe

Book Notes

Reads in like 10 minutes.

An expensive book for those 10 minutes of reading if you buy at the full price, so buy it for $0.01 on Amazon (and pay like $4 for shipping) or visit a used book store, which you should be doing anyway, to buy it.

Reminds me of the Last Lecture, to be honest. Another reminder that life's too short, best to enjoy oneself, cherish the small moments, find joy in small things, do good, do well.

As the saying goes, the teacher comes when the student is ready, so this book seemed to have been more of an impact than it would have had I read it in college. Though, really, in some form I did read it in college, it's saying the same thing we hear over and over again:

Life's short. Do good. Be true to yourself. Focus on what matters. Surround yourself with people you love and who love you.

Same stuff.

Still, recommended.

I think this review is as long as the book.

And today's the day I give up on the things that weren't working anyway.

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