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Book Notes

Jonathan was reading this book. I don't know why he was reading this book, or where he came by it, but he was reading this book, so I also picked up this book. Included in this collection of short stories is the story, "Stories of Your Life" upon which the movie The Arrival is based. I haven't seen the movie, but Jonathan said he was enjoying the short stories, so I picked up the book.

And read it nearly straight through.

I read a review that said something about how this was some of the best new-idea science fiction out there. I'd say yes, some of the best. The ideas are delightfully new, with a different twist on the why and how. And really, how can you not love the idea of the variational principle in physics?

I mean, come on, one must love an author who can make that an interesting topic in a short story.

(Yes, yes. you must.)

I enjoyed the stories. The author notes at the end of the book are worth reading, too. Several of the stories have lingered with me, which is always a good sign.

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